How to Buy the Best Dry Dog Food for Your Dog


Finding the best dry dog food for small dogs might be a challenging task if you do not know what to look for. While you may not find the perfect blend of ingredients that work for your dog, you will find a combination that works better than others for most puppies. Having some knowledge of these common ingredients and being able to identify them by reading the label can assist you to make the best choice for your small dog especially if your dog has special dietary needs.

The meat content is one of the most important elements of a quality small dog mix because it provides a lot of essential protein that is vital for the quick growth of the young dogs. When assessing some new food, ensure that you look at the first few ingredients listed on the label. Meat should be included in the first few ingredients and preferably the fist. This may be chicken, rabbit, beef or another meat. However, check to ensure that it is not listed as a by-product because by-products do not contain any meat. They include ligaments, tendons, processed bones and other parts which are not useful as human-grade food but are acceptable as pet-grade food. By-products have less nutritional value compared to one hundred percent meat and cannot be a primary source of food for a growing dog.

You should also monitor the amount of plant products. Vegetable, fruit or grain matter in Dog nail tips can be beneficial to them but should not be in the first three ingredients and should never be listed as a meal. Dogs have problems digesting plant matter if it is high amounts and do not get much nutritional value from it as it is not broken well in their digestive system.

Corn gluten meal, corn meat or plant corn are one of the chief offenders. Some dogs may also be allergic to grains in addition to not being able to digest them and can have weight loss, lack of appetite, diarrhea, malnutrition and other severe side effects. Know here.

To get a sense of what dry food are best for our small dog, you can read dry food reviews, but you can understand better what is best for your dog nutritionally when you know the ingredients that your dog needs to grow. Having this information will enable you to make an informed decision on how to feed your small dog. Feeding your dog with the best dry food in its early months and doing so continually will help to ensure that your dog benefits the most from its food. If you want to learn more, visit


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